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With all of the big-box advertising shoved in your face very day, wouldn’t it be nice if your local restaurant, hardware store or flower shop had the same visibility? Pushpop makes it happen with proprietary software designed for both consumers and business owners. It’s just what you’re looking for – when you’re looking for it!

24 Hours

Life moves fast so you have to grab the deals when you can get them. Pushpop will alert you when a local business knows you’re in their neighborhood – but you have to act fast. You’ve got up-to a 24-hour window to take advantage of targeted offers. Using pinpoint technology, local businesses can connect with consumers to offer pinpoint deals.

Filter by Interests

You’re not interested in looking at the giant, bland retailers for that special something. You’re unique – and so is Pushpop.

Favorite Deals

Find the deals that are filtered by your individual preference. Pushpop is customized for you – not a group of people that share some common demographic!

How does it work?

Simple: magic. OK, so not exactly. Using proprietary technology that takes advantage of geo tracking capabilities, Pushpop works with a small transmitter called an ibeacon and it knows who you are, where you are and what your purchasing preferences are.




Geo fencing isn’t new. Working from the location services capabilities found in smart phones, it’s simply a matter of a business knowing where you are in proximity to their location and ‘pinging’ you with an offer.

While the retailer’s offer has a maximum timed duration of 24 hours, it’s a unique way to leverage technology within a defined area to meet their local customers where they are.




How does Pushpop narrow the field down from a 20 mile radius to 3 inches? It’s called an iBeacon. About the size of a matchbox car, the beacon will send an alert to a consumer with the application on their smart phone when they are literally steps away from the retailer.

Having the Pushpop app on your smart phone will connect local retailers with local shoppers and deliver a unique shopping experience tailored to the shopper based on consumer-driven preferences, married with retailer-driven product offerings.

Pushpop for Business

Priced for the local retailer, Pushpop delivers a unique shopping experience but also delivers rich analytics beyond simple demographics to better market products and services in real-time.

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