Mobile marketing made so easy, even your Mom and Pop can use it!

Why use Pushpop?

We live in a world where everyone is connected. Smart phones have changed the way people consume goods, services and information. Instant gratification is now the expectation, and the only way to meet the demand, is by connecting through a mobile device.

Pushpop was created to help small businesses connect with this new generation of consumers. Our business platform allows you to create simple advertising campaigns that target people in your local community, directly on their mobile device.

Expand Your Reach

Pushpop uses a technology called GeoFencing, which allows you to set a digital fence around a central point up to 20 miles. Anyone crossing into your GeoFence who uses the app will be able to see your deals.

Create Consumer Demand

Deals created on Pushpop only last for up to 24 hours. This time limit creates a sense of urgency, and users have to claim a deal before it's gone. No one likes to miss out on a good deal!

Build Your Database

When it comes to marketing, it often takes multiple touches to get someone to buy your product or service. Pushpop helps you re-engage with users who have claimed your deals, and create a loyal customer base.

How does it work?

Our mobile app pushes notifications to users through location based technology.

Set Your Perimeter

Simply choose a location and set the distance up to 20 miles. When someone with the Pushpop app installed on their phone crosses into the GeoFenced area, they will receive a notification with your deal.

Engage Your Customers

Place an iBeacon on the door of your building, in a different room or on a specific product to create additional engagement.

Claim the Deal

Customers can claim your deals, then follow your instructions to redeem for just about any product or service.

Build Your Brand

Get feedback from customers about the experience and establish your business within the local community.

Tour the App

Your Dashboard

We've made it easy to push a new campaign directly from your mobile device.

Create Your Campaign

Simply give your campaign a name, set the time you want it to be visible, and choose a category.

Choose Your Trigger

Choose from a GeoFence up to 20 miles, or use one of the iBeacons that comes in your starter kit.

Design Your Ad

Follow our simple step-by-step instructions to design your ad and push it to the world!

Track Your Campaigns

Measure your success using our powerful analytics dashboard. Track key performance indicators such as impressions and click through rates. See important demographic information and user engagement over time, on each campaign, and each individual ad!

Grow Your Business with Pushpop

Start your mobile marketing push and get connected with people in your local community.

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